What is Global Link


Global Link is discovery, exploration and connection.

Through Global Link, undergraduate students from ICU are given an opportunity to participate in immersive short-term international programs. Global Link supports ICU’s mission to nurture the next generation of globally-minded citizens who can co-exist and cooperate with others in both international and local settings. 

Global Link New York is a selective summer program in New York City for students of International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan. The four main components of this program are:

  1. Development of professional skills
  2. Interactions with successful professionals (many of whom are ICU alumni)
  3. Introduction to global careers
  4. Exposure to NYC’s diversity 

As of 2019, 62 students have participated in Global Link NY, many of whom went on to study abroad and take up international careers.

In 2018, Global Link China was launched. It is a two-week research trip led by ICU Professor Stephen Nagy and is open to ICU undergraduates. The aim of the program is to expose students to the complex realities of Sino-Japanese relations, and to give them an opportunity to explore a research question.