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Global Link Philippines emphasizes the importance of student leadership, cultural awareness, and promoting mutual cooperation, understanding and friendship between Japan and it’s South East Asian (SEA) neighbors. Japan-Philippines relations have strengthened despite the historical scars of colonization. Today, international aid, development projects, defense agreements, and vibrant immigrant communities are shared between both countries. These two countries provide further interesting intellectual, social, and cultural contrasts. Many are surprised to discover that 

The Philippines consistently ranks the highest in all of Asia in terms of gender equality ranking conducted by the World Economic Forum (2019). Moreover, the economic contributions of women as OFWs (overseas foreign workers) is a significant feature of their robust emigration numbers. While Japan has been characterized as a group-oriented and patriarchal society, the Philippines is often characterized as family-centered, matriarchal and a deeply religious country. There are many fascinating similarities, connections, and contrasts which make the Philippines an exciting Global Link Destination.

Global Link Philippines in 2020 will explore the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on the islands of Cebu, Bohol and Negros.  Students will explore perspectives outside of the National Capital Region of Manila and expand their knowledge of the unique challenges and opportunities of regional islands known for their ecotourism, biodiversity and cultural diversity. At the core, students will consider how diverse and collective efforts empower communities and promote inclusiveness, equality, and a sustainable world.  A wide range of lectures and activities will take place at the University of the Philippines Cebu, Silliman University, and non-profit organizations. Students will have the opportunity to engage with and socialize with leaders, academics and students as they build long term meaningful relationships with Filipinos in their homeland. 

Program Leader:

Allen Kim, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology

Professor Allen Kim is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology. He obtained his BA from UC Berkeley, and following a corporate rotational management stint with AT&T’s leadership development program (LDP), he pursued his PhD in Sociology from UC Irvine.  He is interested in understanding Asian masculinity and fatherhood in transnational context, particularly as it relates to family, gender, race and ethnicity, religion, immigration, social movements, and globalization.  His broader interests include the sociology of work and employment, and entrepreneurship. As a student he was involved with Fulbright, and Korea America Student Conference (KASC) and now strongly supports student-led, academic and cultural exchange program initiatives.

In 2017, Prof. Kim received a grant from JICUF to develop and implement the Japan Philippine Student Summit. He led the first group of six ICU students in March 2017. Based on the success of this project and the positive response from students, JPSS evolved into Global Link Philippines.