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Japan and China share many cultural traditions, values and concerns. Despite these common elements, Sino-Japanese relations have been deteriorating in the political, economic and security spheres. Mutual mistrust, misconceptions, and historical issues continue to hamper more friendly relations.

Global Link-China offers ICU student the opportunity to foster a deeper understanding of Sino-Japanese relations through direct interaction between youth in Japan and China. During the two-week program, GL-China participants will attend lectures and classes at several universities in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing to deepen their knowledge on China, its citizens’ worldviews and their perspectives on Sino-Japanese relations.

Participants will also have the opportunity to practice their Mandarin/English through exchanges with students in China, and immerse themselves in Chinese culture through formal and informal tours. Participants will also be expected to conduct a short-term research project based on issues covered in classes. The projects will be presented at a symposium at ICU after returning to campus.

Professor Stephen Nagy
Professor Stephen Nagy

Program Leader:

Stephen Nagy, PhD
Senior Associate Professor
Department of Politics and International Studies

Professor Stephen Nagy joined ICU in 2014 and is currently a Senior Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and International Studies. After obtaining his PhD from Waseda University in International Relations in 2008, he worked as a Research Associate at the University’s Institute of Asia Pacific Studies for two years.

In 2016, Prof. Nagy received a grant from JICUF to develop and implement the Japan-China Young Leaders Development Project (YLDP). He led the first group of six ICU students in November 2016. Based on the success of this project and the positive response from students, YLDP evolved into Global Link: China.

Prof. Nagy’s research interests include international relations of Northeast Asia, Sino-Japanese relations, Asian regional integration and regionalism in Asia, non-traditional security, human security and migration/ immigration related issues. In conjunction with his research focus on Asian regional integration, in March 2010 he was appointed a Senior Fellow with the Global Institute of Asian Regional Integration (GIARI), Waseda University. He is also a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia Pacific Studies’ International Affairs Research Centre (IARC) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.